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Boost your productivity while guaranteeing the quality of your culture media production with our innovative solution and specialized advice.

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AE-MP Series

Our media preparators streamline the operative workflow of microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories.

A single device integrates the preparation, sterilization, cooling, and dispensing of high-quality culture media with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.

The AE-MP Series media preparators are designed to reduce total labor time while providing large volumes of sterile culture media thanks to their efficient heating system and rapid cooling phase at the end of the sterilization process.

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4 processes integrated in 1 equipment



Fast cooling


Intended use

Preparation of culture media, peptone water, lysogeny broth and buffer solutions in microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories.

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Automatic, fast and safe solution to prepare culture media

Preparation of agar

Preparation of lysogeny broth

Preparation of buffer solutions

Microbiology laboratories

Plant tissue culture laboratories

Cosmetics laboratories that cultivate plant stem cells


High productivity of culture medium per cycle and adjustable dispensing speed from 7-100mL/s. Multiple automatic or semi-automatic dispensing modes available.

Dispensing lines can be cleaned and desinfected before, during and after the dispensing phase with continuous steam that reach the entire length of dispensing lines.

Preparation, sterilization, fast cooling and dispensing, all integrated into a single unit.

Automatic management of water level and optional automatic supply. Multiple installation options according to customer needs.

Much faster preparations with up to 90% shorter cooling time compared to traditional autoclaves. Overpowered models available to reduce the duration of the heating phase.

Equipped with ports to dispense supplements, pH correctors or antibiotics. In addition, programs can include temperature segments, allowing the preparation of delicate or complex formulations.

Sterilization chamber, internal chamber and door made of high-quality stainless steel AISI-316L, extremely resistant to corrosion.

Safe and precise sterilizations thanks to temperature regulation by F0, continuous stirring and the use of a flexible probe to capture temperature readings.

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A single unit to automatically perform the 4 most relevant phases of culture media preparation.

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F0 value

The sterilization process can be regulated by either temperature and time or by F0, and its control is carried out by a flexible probe immersed directly in the culture media.

The microprocessor leverages these accurate and uninterrupted data measurements to maintain thorough oversight of each phase of the process. This enables it to compute the progression of the F0 value, ensuring sterilization is successfully completed.

Upon sterilization, the medium undergoes rapid cooling to reach the optimal dispensing temperature. At this point, the temperature is maintained, allowing immediate dispensing.

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