Management demonstrates its leadership and commitment to the quality management system by implementing the following quality policy:

The Management demonstrates its leadership and commitment to the integrated management system through the implementation of the following policy:

R. ESPINAR, S.L., as a designer, manufacturer, and technical service provider of laboratory equipment and autoclaves for the sterilization of healthcare products, adheres to all applicable legislation in the Laboratory Equipment and Healthcare Product Sterilization industry, as well as Pressure Equipment, and any other relevant requirements.

The Integrated Management System of R. ESPINAR, S.L. is outlined in the Integrated Management System Manual and detailed in the Procedures Manual, in accordance with the standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 14001:2015.

It is the policy of R. ESPINAR, S.L. to consistently provide all clients with defect-free products within the stipulated timeframes. Teamwork is essential for the company’s success; hence, this policy applies to both external and internal clients.

R. ESPINAR, S.L. monitors the status of its Integrated Management System through Internal Audits, Management Reviews, Client Feedback, and implements continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

It is the policy of R. ESPINAR, S.L. to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to guarantee the safety of individuals.

Therefore, it is imperative that Quality is understood, applied, and updated at all levels of the company and to all external collaborators. Each individual is responsible for the quality of their own work.

A strategic objective of R. ESPINAR, S.L. is to achieve a high level of market competitiveness while maintaining satisfactory internal profitability.

R. ESPINAR, S.L. is also committed to environmental protection through:
– Pollution prevention.
– Minimizing and properly managing generated waste.
– Responsible consumption of natural resources.
– Engaging all staff in the organization’s environmental performance.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the achievement of the following objectives:
– Ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
– Ensure employee satisfaction.
– Ensure economic efficiency.
– Ensure proper environmental performance.

To achieve these objectives, the Management establishes the necessary measures to ensure that its Integrated System:
– Is disseminated throughout the company.
– Is understood.
– Is applied.
– Is reviewed and updated.

Furthermore, the Management commits to providing all the necessary material and human resources to successfully implement the company’s Integrated Management System Policy, promoting risk-based thinking.

The Management mandates compliance with the requirements contained in the documentation that constitutes the Integrated Management System.

Dated in Terrassa, 15th of February 2023

Ramon Espinar Ballet – Manager