Culture media sterilizer

Specifically designed for microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories.
Culture media sterilizer

RAYPA's AE-MP Series media preparator is the culture media sterilizer that offers the best optimization of the operational workflow of microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories

Currently, both microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories perform most of their culture media production manually.

This process requires precision and uniformity. Dissolving the components in a flask for subsequent sterilization and then dispensing the gel or solution into different containers may seem simple. But it is not. It is a task that requires time, attention and thoroughness. It is essential that each preparation has the same amount of nutrients and uniformity to allow the growth of microorganisms, cells, plant tissues or plantlets. These requirements are difficult to meet when almost the entire procedure is performed manually and then sterilized through an autoclave.

Automatic preparation using a culture media sterilizer

For any microbiology or plant tissue culture laboratory, automating its culture media production means improving its operational workflow, reducing time and minimizing cross-contamination, thus redirecting personnel to other more value-added tasks while optimizing the traceability and consistency of the entire production. All these benefits will allow you to increase efficiency, quality and reliability of your laboratory, in addition to saving time and costs.

Esterilizador de medios de cultivo RAYPA

Aware of this reality and thanks to its 40 years of experience, RAYPA has developed a culture media sterilizer suitable for all laboratories, in terms of performance as well as dimensions, capabilities and technical features.

We have created a media preparator specifically designed for culture media sterilization: the AE-MP Series. This equipment can carry out, in an automated way, the four most relevant and decisive steps of a culture media preparation process. A single piece of equipment integrates the preparation, sterilization, cooling, and dispensing of culture media.

Our AE-MP Series culture media sterilizer is the solution for microbiology and plant tissue culture laboratories that want to eliminate manual tasks and thereby save time while allowing their personnel to focus on higher-value tasks.

The ability to concentrate a significant portion of preparation on a single machine results in a significant reduction in workload for any laboratory In addition, it also allows the recording of the thermal process corresponding to each batch and full traceability of the entire process.

Advantages of working with a RAYPA AE-MP Series Culture Media Sterilizer

Esterilizador de medios de cultivo, serie AE-MP de RAYPA

There are many advantages when you automate media preparation with our culture media sterilizer, since you can perform the preparation, sterilization, cooling and dispensing of culture media with an excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility in the same unit. This means much more than just cost reduction and increased productivity. Discover all the advantages of working with our culture media sterilizers.

Culture media sterilizer accessories

Accesorios del esterilizador de medios de cultivo de la serie AE-MP de RAYPA

In addition, our culture media sterilizer can be equipped with accessories to make your task easier, such as:

Discover all the technical specifications of our culture media sterilizer and download the commercial brochure or the installation guide, or contact us for further information.

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A single unit to automatically perform the 4 most relevant phases of culture media preparation.

The 12 questions to ask before purchasing a media preparator.

A single unit to automatically perform the 4 most relevant phases of culture media preparation.